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Pillars of Grandeur!

• On which every student is built upon •

We have designed a set of goals / pillars which have been unified into the curriculum, to ensure that our students achieve a holistic approach to education in the very sense of the meaning education, enabling our students to be individuals who are:


Our children are trained right from an early age to be critical thinkers who question ideas, follow a sequential approach in analysis. Who are capable of innovation and ingenuity well-grounded on knowledge and research, therefore enabling them to deal with any problem or situation confidently.

Confident Muslims:-

Our children are explicitly trained based on the Quran and the Sunnah in-depth manner, search that they are able to relate to our creator and understand his favours. The Love of ALLAH & his Prophet is kindled into them thus, helping our students to become confident muslims right from an early age.


We understand that uprightness, values and principles is what separates the successful from true success. At Grandeur, we don’t just make our children knowledgeable – we nurture our children to stand-up for wisdom, hygiene, each and everyone’s rights, equality, respect, value righteousness by inculcating Moral Ethics (Akhlaq), so that they achieve not just numerical success but also win the hearts of the world along their journey of life.

Sporty & Agile:-

We understand the importance of sports and physical activities in the upbringing of a child, which helps develop strength, agility, skills such as focus, strategy, team spirit and leadership.

Extra Curricular Activities:-

Our skill development helps bridge the gap between curiosity and action. We empower our children to be self-capable individuals who have dignity of labour, skills and are self-sufficient by giving our children hands on experience in fine arts, debating, public speaking, cooking, baking, wood work, iron work, gardening, housekeeping etc. This helps children get a better grasp of life and the skills of life.


  • • Critical Thinking
  • • Confident
  • • Communicative
  • • Quran & Sunnah
  • • Hifdh
  • • Hadith
  • • Aqeedah
  • • Seerah
  • • Tajweed / Arabic
  • • Civic sense
  • • Peoples rights
  • • Manners
  • • Compassion
  • • Fine Arts
  • • Gardening
  • • House keeping
  • • Skill building
  • • Football
  • • Volleyball
  • • Basketball
  • • Martial Arts